du Calvaire

This property is found at the feet of the Touran Cross in Saint-Etienne- de- lisse. In the heart of the Saint- Emilion Grand Cru wine designation. This village that must have been covered by the ocean some thousand years ago still has ancient ruins surrounding it. This town was the scene of the famous Castillon Battle in 1453, which marked the surrender of the English following their 300-years of presences in the Aquitaine region.

The Touran Cross undoubtedly has something precious to offer, it has a hidden view point on the Jurisdiction and allows you to embrace the entire wine landscape.

Surface area
20 hectares divided into 5 parcels
Clay-limestone soil with a South-West sun exposure
Vines have an average age of 40 years


Clay-limestone soil covering 20 hectares on the hills of Saint- Emilion, benefitting of the south- west sun exposure.


A temperate but hot in the summer climate, with a proximity to the Dordogne that adds to the uniqueness of the micro- climate in the area. Which is very pleasing to the symbolic grape variety of the Saint- Emilion designation of Origin.


A special type of care is provided to our vineyards as to benefit a maximum from this exceptional piece of land.


% Merlot


% Cabernet Sauvignon

Château du Calvaire

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

  • Clay-limestone soil
  • 9 Month maturation in oak barrels